[Class Materials] Week 8 Proposal details & After Effects 3d Camera Tracking

After several rounds of prototyping on concepts, technical builds, user experience and look and feel, we wrapping up the prototypes and producing a complete project proposal. Students are writing up the proposal using this Project Outline from Brad McDonald. Students will present their project proposal along with the visual representations and user diagrams to communicate the […]

[Class Materials] Week 6 Personal Project Prototype 2 & AE 2D Walking Character

It’s the second week of the 5-week process of making interactive project proposal. From last week on we entered the cycle of prototyping and user testing which would allow students to be familiar and good at producing prototypes, conducting testings and solve problems rapidly. In-Class Activity Students produced the second prototype based on the results from […]

[Class Materials] Week 5 Personal Project Prototype 1 & After Effects Intro

After learning prototype and user testing methods and practicing them with the assigned tasks, students are ready to utilized the skills to build their own non-linear art or design projects. See students ideas here. From this week on we’ll enter the cycle of prototyping and user testing for 5 weeks. There will be considerable focus on […]

[Class Materials] Week 4 User Testing & creating live website using Sketch+Launchpad

Introduction After learning about how and when to use prototype, we focused on user testing this week. We talked about the differences between the desk test and formal testing sessions and the preparations for a successful user testing. Slides by Brad MacDonald In-Class Activity Students used their digital visual prototype they created in Sketch and […]

[Class Materials]Week 3 Prototype methods & Sketch+Principle animations

Introduction This week’s class started with discussions about the importance of prototyping in a design process and an introduction of different types of prototypes: Proof-of-Principle Prototype (Concept), User Experience Prototype (Experience), Visual Prototype (Aesthetics) and Functional Prototype (Technical) We also talked about when and how we use them. Wonderful slides by Brad Macdonald we used in […]