[Interactive project] Proposal -Reminder-Jessie WangZ

Reminder Proposal Zhouqingyang Wang (Jessie) #Final (3.26.2018) My interactive app name Reminder. It helps users to collect their living datas and make their own digital memoirs for each day. First, Reminder will establish the shared service of the data and functions’ sharing with users’ phone. it will collect the data of users’ photos from camera […]

[Interactive project] Vision3.0 and final-Reminder-Jessie WangZ

(3.26.2018) After the critique of last class, I improved some functions of the app. Comparing with combining many functions, collecting the datas from the user’s phone will be better and closer to my goal of this app. This is the final vision of my Interactive app Reminder. The following picture is the overview of all […]

[Prototype]- Interactive Creative App – V2-Reminder-Jessie WangZ

(Update user experiences about the app “Reminder”) I did the user experience for my app Reminder, user said it is good and useful. Some icons have to be clearer. The decoration design of “Plan” and “Diary” can be considered to change. (This is my New post of the Interactive creative app) My interactive app’s name is Reminder. […]