About Digital Prototyping

Digital Prototyping, a sophomore course of Pratt Communications Design, is designed for exploring new possibilities of non-linear art and design projects. This blog is a space for the students to document design processes, to share insights and to showcase learning outcomes.

This course introduces students to the tools and production processes involved in the production of time-based and interactive media. Through hands-on lectures and the development of a series of short assignments, students will acquire the skills to naturally incorporate a variety of digital authoring tools and technologies into their workflows, exploring the properties and constraints of designing for digital media. Students will gain the ability to execute design solutions integrating time-based media, dynamic content and interactivity.

To know more details about the curriculum, please click here to read the syllabi.

About Faculty

Chao Hui Tu, the administrator of this blog, teaches 2 sessions of Digital Prototyping. Chao is a Visiting Assistant Professor who joined Pratt in 2018 Jan. She also teaches Visual Design, Data Visualization and assists with teaching Interaction Design for Museums at Parsons. Her personal art works focus on creating experiences that evoke discussions of human connections in the digital world through interactive installations, wearables, and performative art. You can find her previous projects here

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or you are interested in knowing more about about this exciting journey.