[Prototype] Interactive Website

For my interactive prototype, I wanted to create something where others could go and create something as well. I wanted to make an application that could help others get creative and create something they normally wouldn’t be able to without the help and knowledge of animation programs and coding.

Much of my research for this project was looking at different interactive sites and ones that were popular and people enjoyed. Sites in which one was able to create something or watch something interesting seemed to do well.

I was inspired by websites such as http://www.incredibox.com where you can create your own beatbox through a selection of different noises that can be placed.

I was also inspired by Beach House’s new music video which features really captivating imagery/illusion things? https://youtu.be/08qd-vsHbaY Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 3.32.22 PM.png

I wanted kind of combine these, so users could basically create their own music video for their own song and have their own creative experience.

[Prototype] – visual prototype 

I decided to start to visually construct everything first to see if the project can be communicated clearly and effectively through visuals.

I kept design pretty clean and simple as I didn’t want to distract from the interactions.

Heres some questions & feedback I got after the first test run.

One of the big questions I had was whether or not it would be a better phone app than a website, as a lot of the interaction would be easier with a finger on a touchscreen than a mouse. After user testing, it seemed that the consensus was to try to see it on app form but it could work as a website as well.

Other feedback that I decided to add was to add social media option, a text option, and a restart button.

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