[Project Proposal] Binge with Friends

Binge with Friends is a mobile app and website made for long distance relationships. This app allows people to watch their favorite TV shows with their friends, family, or significant other in real time. Real time means that the screen is essentially being shared, so when one person pauses the show, the other person’s show will be paused as well.

The problem I am solving with this app is the difficulty of spending time with people who are far away. Using Binge with Friends can allow people to feel like they are actually with their friends, even though they are physically apart. The target audience for this app is for people in long distance relationships, whether that be a boyfriend/girlfriend, a best friend, or a family member who lives far away.

The first stage of my project was a paper prototype. Originally, I called it “Netflix with Friends,” and I was considering adding the option to video chat while watching shows as well.


After this round of user testing, it was suggested that I open up the application to use any streaming platform, not just Netflix. So, I changed the name to Binge with Friends. I also got feedback that the video chat option may be too much because there would be audio from the show as well as audio from the video chat. I decided to cut that out and just leave it as a type chat.


My next prototype was more visual, and I developed more of what the app would look like once it was made. I used Sketch to create these slides, with the intention of putting them into invision.app and adding transitions.



After this prototype, I created a video to show how people would use this app / website with their friends and added more transitions between the screens.



Here is a flow chart of my app:



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