[Project Proposal] Sabrina Jiang



Cozy is a weather app that combines your personal preferences with the weather outside to help you figure out what to wear to stay comfy throughout the day.  No more going outside and feeling over or underdressed!



Phase 1: Define

I often walk outside under or overdressed for the weather outside.  It’s a small problem but it’s just annoying when I make a conscious effort to check the weather before I figure out what to wear and still end up over or underdressing.  

It’s expected to give you a better idea of what to wear to prepare for the temperatures outside by taking the information provided in the sign up page.  

Generally the audience is anyone that faces the same problem and doesn’t want to spend too much time deciphering how something like wind speed will affect the temperature outside.  

Phase 2: Shape

When I was first debating the layouts of the app I was unsure of whether or not I wanted the extra details (wind speed etc) and after asking around I realized that if the app explains what it feels like outside most people won’t even feel the need to check for anything else.  Therefore, I decided to keep it as minimal as possible. This is what I would personally look for in an app that helps me figure out what to wear. It isn’t the best for someone who wants more detail about the weather.

As far as the “outfit page” goes I knew from the start I wanted to keep the items very general.  Rather than focusing my attention on fashion trends I wanted to allow my user to not feel pressured or too influenced into dressing a certain way.

Phase 3: Make/ Prototypes

I started prototyping using sticky notes.  My initial prototype is fairly similar to my outcome except for minor changes I made along the way such as the choice to exclude other weather details such as wind speed etc.  The sticky note prototyping method definitely helped me better organize my thoughts and properly visualize my concept.  As time went on I eventually began prototyping on Sketch and my final design has definitely taken a large turn in a different direction from my first Sketch prototype.  The more I worked with my first concept the more I realized it didn’t really fit the persona/audience I wanted my app to be for.





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