[Project Proposal] Mallow VR Gallery – Nathatham Rojanusorn



Nowadays portfolio showcases mostly are in 2 dimensional experience for example prints and web sites. So I want to create a platform which can give immersive experience for viewers who are interested in my work to be more engaged and more excited during exploring the works. So I decided to use VR immersive experience to be a core of this project besides with interactive animations and sensational transitions.


What is the goal?
– The goal is to make people more engaging when experiencing the the portfolio showcase.

What are the project expectations?
– Primarily, making an imersive VR experience for personal showcae. For merketing, there is a pontential to push this project as a template for people who is interested.

Who is the audience?
– The audiences are the potential viewer of the showcase.


Welcome Drink






Turn Around


Work description





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