[Project Proposal] Cumulus App – Susanna Back


Reason- by definition, it is a noun meaning a cloud forming rounded masses heaped on each other above a flat base at fairly low altitude BUT ALSO VISUALLY, cumulus clouds are the FLUFFY clouds we would normally mentally associate clouds with.

Therefore the name “Cumulus”

  • Thesis/Goal
    • The goal of this personal project is to create a creative outlet that allows for content creators to connect with one another through the appreciation of art and clouds.

Shape/ Technicalities:

  • Salutations along with current weather report, based off of location of user.
  • Users can draw on top of the cloud of the day to create new artwork everyday with the supplied tools.
  • Published work will be sent to the ‘Around the World’ option on the main screen where content creators can ‘like’ (anonymously) a work of art, where the owner of the artwork will be notified in the ‘Notifications’ tab.
  • Following system implemented, but 100% anonymous!
    • Reason being, people like some type of reward system of social media, however, sometimes it may become toxic, therefore my choice to make it an anonymous action.
    • Anonymous on both sides, where the user will only know their own number of likes and follows and no one elses.
    • Same goes for followers, only you will know and it is for your eyes only!
  • ‘Me’ profile, made so that uses can take ownership of their past works while displaying in an orderly manner.
  • Users also have to option of selecting the ‘Explore’ tab, that will allow for hashtag (#) searches that individuals have tagged on their creations.
  • Easy exit, click on the exit cloud after using.

Final Video:

Flow of Cumulus:

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 11.45.08 AM

  • The main goal of this app was to have a simple user flow, hence the minimal transitional animations.



Thank you ^.^

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