[Project Proposal]Interactive Project-Shavonne Yang


The project would be set up in a interior spaces. The space would be clearly separated from the environment in order to create a isolation feeling. There is a camera inside the space the would include the things that happened inside the room.

People would follow the signs and be in this space only by their own. There can be lightening design and interior design inside the space. The over all atmosphere would be calm and have a sense of isolation.

There would have a device like a big screen or a computer set up in the room and would have questions on the screen. People would answer the question by their own and have but they would also be acknowledged that they would be observed by the camera. Their answers to the questions would go to other people, like me.

The over all goal is to find out what would people do differently when they are observed by other people, and what would them do differently without the observation by others.


The project is expecting to have people answer questions that were provided. The aim of this project is to find out how much people would be influenced by the observation of others.


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