[Project Proposal] Audrey Voltz


Goal/ Concept statement


A travel and event app marketed for people looking for a more niche new york experience

The Goal of this project is to create a travel and event app that is more personalized than any other apps on the market. Many of the other apps that currently exist promote very much tourist attractions and less intimate spots. I want this app to create a community of people who want to explore new places or areas in New York that are more niche. An exclusive element to the app is our secrets sponsored events. Those who have the app will get immediate notification of new events in New York, in addition to being able to post your own events.

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 1.48.24 PM.png




  • Development Stages

    Phase 1: Define

    The dry details of the project. Describe what it is you’re making, define its requirements, needs, perimeters, etc.

  • What is the problem being solved?
    • A more intimate travel/event app
  • What are the project expectations?
    • To create a logical solution with a user friendly design, problems could be making it different than any other app on the market
  • Describe what is being made
    • A niche app for NYC events and places
  • Who is the audience?
    • New Yorkers, or people visiting looking for non tourist spots

Phase 2: Shape

Concept development. This is where you describe the process of exploring the concepts and begin defining more interpretive goals.

  • What are the precedents
    • I started out with the intention of making childrens game app, which I quickly scrapped. It was not a project I could really get excited about. 

Phase 3: Make/ Prototypes

Development. Describe how this thing will be made.

  • What were the prototype stages and what did you learn from each prototype?
    • The original prototype I made was for a product that I realized I did not want to continue with, that pushed me to realize more what is something I would want in my everyday life. My next prototype was more of concept art I had trouble figuring out the technicalities of the project and how the user flow would work. Although have the concept art helped to get my viewers on board for this project.
  • How will this be built? What technology and development process?
    • I am not sure how this would be built, but I can show my designs to an app developer and working with them could help.
  • What is the approval process?
    • x

Phase 4: Launch

Describe the plan to launch this thing.

  • Is there marketing involved? Who is responsible for creating that plan? Who is making the creative/assets
    • The app could be advertised in the NY subway considering my targeted audience will likely be using it. Also through social media platforms, mostly directed and travel savvy people.
  • What are the details of the launch platform?



Here’s where you list any remaining questions

  1. What will set this apart from other apps
  2. How to make this more user friendly and intriguing than yelp, or other similar sites.
  3. How many different components should their be to this app
  4. How to make it more personalize (liking/disliking suggested events)

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