[Project Proposal] Xiaoxue Ma

Trash Eater

Goal/ Concept statement
The purpose of this interactive prototype is to make people pay more attention to the classification of garbage.
As we know, the classification of the garbage can bring a lot of benefits, in order to make more people be aware of this project, I chose Time Square as the place to present this project.
There will be several different kinds of trashcans place in Time Square, each with a camera hanging on its top. When people passing around throw the wrong garbage into the trashcan, the scanner will detect it and project an image of “trash eater” and the garbage thrower to the screen. “Trash eater” may talk about the importance of garbage classification.

Development Stages
Phase 1: Define
A project which makes people pay attention to garbage classification.

Phase 2: Shape
At first, I was thinking about making an app called “trash eater”, the goal is same from this one.


After second week’s feedback, I decided to make this project bigger. I want to add a trash can which recognition QR codes and this project might be in a museum or exhibition’s exit. The museum canteen and restaurant will be selling water with QR code on it. When people leave the museum, there will be the special trash can which connects to a screen of the monster. So when people throw the water bottle into the trash can the monster will appear on the screen and saying something like:”Human is really strange, they always throw precious away.”

From last week’s feedback, I found this is still unimpressive that I move the place to Time Square where more people will pay attention to.

Phase 3: Make/ Prototypes

Trashcans with scanners
video of “trash eater”

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