[Project Proposal] Mela- Ashna Kapadia

uswr flow diagram draft .jpg

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 6.15.17 PM.png



Mela: it is an interactive photography website which serves as a platform to explore identity, culture and fashion.

The initial target market is immediate friends Our project goal is to create an interactive project which allows me as well as others to express ourselves creatively through fashion and photography. The audience will be individuals at pratt.


The concept behind the website was influenced by existing fashion magazines which have a more creative and photographic exploration. The two passions which I wanted to diffuse was fashion and photography. With a collaborator who already had previous experience in styling clothes as well as directing and photographing people, I thought we could create a platform which showcases these ideas.

The initial idea of just photographing our friends stippled the exploration to develop into a more interactive and immersive experience with more people and thus I decided to explore the idea of people submitting photographs and applying/ contributing- specifically students at pratt/classmates. Further, to create a more creative showcase of people’s work, we decided to have the option of letting people bring their creative crafts like jewelry or clothing.


The transitions and user flow has been carried out using principle. Additional final renditions will be done through webflow.

The feedback from the user testing showed that people found it hard to grasp exactly the concept of the prototype. They also wanted me to see how I could differentiate from something like Instagram. The next user testing, told me that certain links of the page were broken which I proceeded to fix as well as the scrolling function being confusing. In the next user testing, my user liked my project. The last user testing, the user wanted me to make the purpose of the website more clearer- perhaps with a header or something. She further wanted me to include a join/contribute page.

Here is a video of her suggesting a layout idea;



The marketing for the website will be done on a social media platform, mainly Instagram. Both me and my collaborative partner will be featuring photographs from shoots on our Instagram posts and when getting closer to the launching date of the website, we will post snippets and links to the website on our respective stories. We are both responsible for our plan and we both will be creating creative snippets such as behind the scenes shoot videos which would market the website. The launch platform is Instagram, and it may the best way to reach a multitude of artists and designers who are interested in viewing the photography as well as participating in it.


After the initial review, most students agreed that an animated text logo will be interesting on the title page of the prototype.

  • other improvements which I would consider is how to make the images more dynamic, further questions to ask is if I should include a behind the scenes page with a video element. – I will try and see if I can incorporate them in the final review.
  • Further, for the final review I would like to get feedback before publishing the website on web flow trying to incorporate parallax scrolling as well as other interactive elements.

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