[Project Proposal] Interactive Narrative Game – Jooyoung Park



20XX is a non-linear interactive narrative game that provides a morality/personality analysis based off the personal decisions made by the user.

The game combines the interactive and fun aspect of games with the contemplative nature of personality tests. 20XX is meant to encourage deeper analysis of morality and self. Various moral dilemmas will arise and become more difficult as the story progresses, and the interactive game will allow people to learn more about themselves by navigating through theoretical yet realistic scenarios.



You can access the prototype on https://invis.io/RUGGX4L35S2. However, there is only one route available as of now.



Many people are interested in personality test results to learn more about themselves or to use as a conversation starter with friends and text-based games place players into a new world. However, personality tests and text-based games typically do not captivate the user long enough to finish. I aim to create a unique and interactive user experience by:

  1. Creating a story that is interesting and emotionally engaging.
  2. Making various options that influence the direction of the story.
  3. Creating a visually compelling layout that is easy to use.

20XX would be used on a website interface. It is also made to be accessible for any audience, but the nature of the application lends itself to mainly be targeted towards an audience interested in games or stories.

// PHASE 2: SHAPE //

I was inspired by the text-based adventure game Lifeline. It successfully evokes an emotional response in the player and the interface is simple, which does not distract from the story. Each decision that the player makes matters and will influence the ending of the story. I thought that these elements were successful. I also want to incorporate a simple color palette and component of survival in the story, which will influence the user’s decisions.

One specific element I liked in Lifeline was the dark blue background, which emphasized the mood of the story and allowed the user to read without eye strain. I decided to incorporate an optional “night mode” into 20XX.

I also created simple illustrations to provide visuals without distracting from the story. I wanted them to be black-and-white to maintain the simple color scheme throughout the game.ILLUS

 // PHASE 3: MAKE //


IMG_5555.JPGI first started out using Twine for my first prototype. I focused on developing the story/concept in this prototype. There are multiple endings and each decision influences future events in 20XX, so Twine made it easy to visually see the flow of the interactions. However, there are many limitations regarding the program, and I could not make modifications with the color palette, font, or add images. During my user testing session, I found that the story was compelling, but it was hard for users to find an emotional attachment to anything without visuals. Originally, I was not going to add any illustrations, so this session was immensely helpful.

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 11.29.43 PM.png


My second prototype was created using Sketch. I focused on developing the interface/visuals. I wanted to create an interface that was easy-to-use and minimal, so it wouldn’t distract from the narrative. During my user testing session, I had more emotional responses when choosing the various options in the game throughout the testing session, which is what I wanted to accomplish.

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 1.48.11 AM.png

Afterwards, I used InVision to create the final prototype, so that the options in the game could actually be tested (or at least one route). To create this application, I think it would be helpful to use either Launchpad or Webflow for a more dynamic experience.

 // PHASE 4: LAUNCH //

Is there marketing involved? Who is responsible for creating that plan? Who is making the creative/asset? What are the details of the launch platform?

  • N/A


Would transitions between each page be helpful?

Is there anything I can do to make the user experience more engaging?

Would it be helpful to add a global statistic page to see what the majority of 20XX players made for each major moral decision (to compare your moral alignment with others)?

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