[Project Proposal] Social App for Indecisive People – Youmin Park

WNH(We Need Help) App

Proof of Concept Prototype creating social application for Indecisive People

Goal/ Concept statement


I decided to create an app that make decisions for indecisive people. I realized that these days, indecisiveness is a problem in this fast moving generation. Because I am also very indecisive person and I have a lot of friends who are, I always get stressed making small decisions such as choosing what to eat or what to wear. To help many people who struggle making decisions, I always wanted to make app for them.

First Prototype

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 12.41.19 AM.png

This first prototype is app that makes decisions for the users. It gives 4 options to make decisions: Food, Song, What to do, and Clothing. Users can choose the option they want to the app to make decision. For example, if user chose food, the app will ask very simple question such as how is the user feeling today. Because complicated question can make indecisive person more confused, the questions will be very light and simple. If the user chooses stressed, the app will recommend food that reduces stress. If the user choose happy, the app will recommend food that enhances the happy feeling.

  • User Testing (Questions)
    • Is the concept of my prototype clear? Do you think my purpose of helping indecisive person came through?

Yes, the concept is clear by the first screen that indicate the purpose.

    • Will this app helpful for indecisive people?

The purpose is nice because indecisive people always struggle making small decisions.

    • Is color red helping the user to navigate?

Yes clear and strong color helps a lot.

    • What will be helpful to further develop the prototype?

It needs more options like more emotions to add. Also, give more information of why the app made the decision.

  • Comments
    • It has aggressive feeling to the way the app approach.
    • Research more about Indecisive people like interviewing them.

Development Stages

Phase 1: Define the Problem

After the first user testing, I thought it is important to know more about indecisive people to help them. So I created a questionnaire and ask 3 indecisive people to answer it.

The questions were:

  1. Are you indecisive person?
  2. How long does it usually take you to decide what to order in restaurants?
  3. Do your friends get annoyed by your indecisiveness?
  4. Do your friends usually decide what to eat together?
  5. Are you satisfied of your friends’ decision?
  6. If your unsatisfied with their decision, do you tell them that your unsatisfied?
  7. If you tell them your unsatisfied, do they get mad?
  8. Finally, would you rather make decision and take forever or make other people make decision for you and be slightly unsatisfied?
  9. If there is an app that make decisions for you, would you be interested in downloading or even purchasing it?

These are the answers from Sukyung Yoo,

  1. Yes
  2.  at least 15~20min
  3. yes
  4. yes
  5. yes
  6. yes
  7. No we discuss other menu which can both of us satisfied
  8. I really hope i need someone who is decisive person whenever i need some decision like food

9 i want to download it when it is free but if there is some advantage to purchase it i’ll do

These are the answers from Seoyoung Cho,

  1. yes
  2. about 5 ~ 10 min
  3. yes, especially those who tend to be very decisive and impatient
  4. it depends on the restaurant, but usually yes
  5. not always, but I usually go with their decision since it takes time for me to decide what I want to eat
  6. only when I’m strongly against their decision (ex. if they order a cucumber salad, I would definitely say no)
  7. I don’t think so. My friends and I respect each other’s food decisions and preferences. However, if it’s a case where I’m being extremely undecisive and at the same time, disagreeing with my friend’s decision, my friend would get annoyed..
  8. If my friend and I are ordering separate dishes, I would make my “own” decision even if it might take forever. If we are ordering and sharing the food together, I would follow my friend’s choice of food…
  9. Sure!!! But I don’t think I’ll use it everytime..

These are the answers from Dabin Cho,

  1. Very when I have to choose what food to eat
  2. I usually make my girlfriend choose for me but I always order my favorite menu
  3. Not really. Each of them are one indecisive selfs
  4. Yeah.
  5. Yeah i just like to confirm
  6. Not really.
  7. Nope
  8. Yeah as long as i am full, I am happy.

9.Yes please !

Define the problem

After reading this feedback, I learned several things. First, indecisive people know that they are indecisive and usually follows what others want unless they really hate specific things like cucumber. However, they do not always get satisfied by the decisions that others made. Lastly, they will use if there is decision making app but not every time unless there is benefit to it.

Phase 2: Shape

I regret how I thought indecisive person should not have opinion. They are not purposely being indecisive but they are actually having hard time making decisions. My last prototype seemed very aggressive because of my misunderstanding.

I will develop my prototype by adding part to know more about users by asking name, age, and how indecisive they are. Also, the prototype will ask where and between what two or three they are being indecisive. Then, the app will ask how they are feeling or what color they like. Lastly, it will ask if they are alone or if they are with friends, what they chose to eat. Based on those questions, the app will give several recommendation for the indecisive users. The app will ask which option they actually used and ask them to ask if the user is satisfied with the decision.

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 12.42.52 AM.png

Phase 3: Make & Further Development of Prototypes

After another user testing with the partner, I got feedback that the commenting part would be hard and almost impossible for the app to recommend things. He recommended me to rather put options or put different franchise brands as a choice.

I agreed with him because if app has to recommend food and many other elements, it needs to have large database. I felt like this concept is overwhelming for me to create it.

After talking with my friends, I decided to change the concept of the prototype from app making decision to users helping each other to make decision. By creating a social app for the indecisive people, they can create community that can help each other and understand their hardship living with indecisive personality.


The app contains 4 elements: home, help desk, sharing, donation. When user first opens the app, the app ask the users to type their nickname to use in the community. Next, the app give a easy level decision making quiz. It tells users to choose what to wear on a picnic day. However, the test is not about what the users choose. It actually times how long the user takes to make simple decision. The users were told how long it took and their level of indecisiveness. Then, the users can freely enter the apps 4 elements. The home allows users to change profile picture, take another indecisiveness test, and activities that users have done. The help desk is where users can actively help each other. The users can upload picture of two choices that they are struggling making decisions. Then, the other users get notification and they have 3 seconds to help choosing between two options. The sharing makes users share their stories that happened because of their indecisiveness. Lastly, if the users felt like the app helped them or they want to help the app, they can donate for the development of the app.  Lastly, the app can give notification telling the users when other people need help.

Phase 4: Launch

Because this is social app that is not for anyone’s profit, I can launch it without any sponsor or financial help from others. There is an option that users can donate for the app to develop for more possibilities.

After launching the app in the app store, anyone, especially indecisive people, can freely download.



  1. Can this final prototype seems complete to be helpful to indecisive people?
  2. Because this is not visual prototype, app is not completely aesthetic or fit to the concept. Any suggestion for the visual aspect of the app?


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