[Prototype Proposal] Dodge Game & Informative Ad- Maria Useche

An interactive game installed in highly populated areas meant to bring awareness to gun control.


Due to the ridiculous number of gun accidents in the USA alone this ad was created to bring in the user and then reveal the statistics at the end. The initial interaction is harmless and the user actually enjoys the game, once they realize it’s purpose they will be motivated by hopefully their own conscious and the social pressure of others seeing them play and turn away from this opportunity to act towards a solution.

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 4.41.08 PM.png


Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 4.15.15 PM.png

Development Stages

Phase 1: Define

This project is meant to bring awareness to the recent mass shooting, and it’s an interactive screen located in a highly seen area mean to start a conversation.

  • What is the problem being solved?
    • Gun control laws will be stricter.
  • What are the project expectations?
    • Collect signatures and emails to demonstrate how many people are fed up with loose gun laws.
    • Make people stop dodging this uncomfortable topic by surprising them with it.
  • Describe what is being made
    • An interactive ad for stricter gun laws.
  • Who is the audience?
    • Everyone.

Phase 2: Shape

For this project I wanted to explore and emotional question and force the user to contribute their opinion by playing and letting other’s see their reaction.

  • What are the precedents
    • Based off the previous year’s statistics on mass shootings in the USA, this was an obvious problem that no one was talking about until the recent mass shooting.
  • What do they do well? What don’t they do well?
    • The initial explorations lacked the refine surprise element needed to make this impactful.

Phase 3: Make/ Prototypes

Ideally this will be constructed out of interactive screens in a highly populated area.

  • What were the prototype stages and what did you learn from each prototype?
    • Two proof of concept prototypes were done and demonstrated the impact came from the wording and visuals.
  • How will this be built? What technology and development process?
    • The game will be designed on software that can produce results, and will be placed in high trafficked areas on an interactive screen.
  • What is the approval process?

Phase 4: Launch

Approval and funding would have to come from the MTA and NYC government. Then physical labor to have the screens installed in subway stations.

  • Is there marketing involved? Who is responsible for creating that plan? Who is making the creative/assets?
    • This screen is the marketing itself, because of it’s chosen location this serves as the ad and product.
  • What are the details of the launch platform?
    • This will depend on approval and funding, but it would be located by the other advertisements in the subway stations.



Here’s where you list any remaining questions

Dodge’s intended purpose was to interest users in interacting with it to reveal it’s deeper message of gun control and a petition. I’m curious how it would function on a mobile or web screen, still as an advertisement.

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