[Research] The Animated Logos of Imaginary Forces – Mai Saito

If you haven’t heard of Imaginary Forces, you’ve heard of their work. They are a motion branding agency that specializes in visual storytelling and entertainment. They are probably most known for their animated intros of tv shows like Stranger Things and Westworld as well as for films like Se7en.

Though they don’t create the typical vectored 2D logo you often see for traditional companies and brands, they still follow the same formula of culminating an entire idea into a single animated design. They essentially “brand” for a storyline, and the result are these beautiful sequences that introduce us, the audience, into a new world.

I found out about Imaginary Forces after seeing Se7en and wanted to find out more about who and how the introduction sequence was made. To my surprise, the company was involved with numerous other shows and films that I was a fan of and made me appreciate these sequences more than I had before.

Though these are well past my technical skill, I think these are great inspiration for how well you can capture the mood and story of a “brand,” regardless of CGI.

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