[Prototype] VR Gallery Platform – Nathatham Rojanusorn


VR Gallery Platform

Introduction: Nowsaday portfolio sites are mostly based on 12 grids system or templates which make them all look very similar, this makes the experience of the viewers repetitive and boring. So I want to create a platform which can give immersive experience for viewers who are interested in my work to be more engaged and more excited during exploring the works. So I decided to use VR immersive experience to be a core of this project besides with interactive animations and sensational transitions.


The First User Testing

The viewer appears inside a circular room scene surrounded by works. This allows the viewer to turn 360 degrees around to see the work. The room is well-decorated by floating vivid geometric shapes contrast with pastel beige color as a background.


User Testing (Prove of Concept/ Visual Testing)

Hypothesis: I assume the VR gallery will enhance the experience of the viewer and makes more engaging and the viewer recognizes the style and aesthetic of the artist from the interior decoration.

Result: The viewer felt more engaging with the visual and content than the conventional website, but found out that it needs additional tools which still not approachable to everyone. For the scene, there is space above the work that can put the personal information of the artist and the information for each project still missing.

Suggestion: Create more room to categorize the works in different genres, Add some more information and animation to give more dimension to the project.

Note: As I want to push this prototype to the real project, Prof. suggested me to learn Unity as it might help for production.



The Second User Testing

 I was planning to make the technical prototype by converting the scene to unity file and export it as a VR cardboard scene, but the mission failed. (TT)

Consult with Prof.

After talking with Prof about the goal of the class is digital prototyping. I decided to pause with the real product goal and focus more on prototype and user experience. Prof. recommended doing a paper prototype to see what is missing and what I can fulfill the experience without concerning about technical process. and the way to present to project can be Gif, video to show how it works, Don’t need to be the real product to test out if the video can communicate the idea of the project.

Ideas for UX

  1. Landing page shows the instructions and welcoming the viewer by serving beverages, hot tea, soda or gin tonic with animations to enhance the experience. For example, If the viewer pick hot tea, green leaves will fall from the sky around the room and the light of the room will be warmer.
  2. Showing real-time information of the artist includes location, online-offline stage, and schedule. This allows the viewer to know the availability of the artist in case want to contact directly to the artist.
  3. Add more element in the room like some small plants that the viewer can interact.
    *add some more micro interactive elements*

Preparing Scene for Final (Video or Gif)


The Third User Testing



I made a paper prototype to test out the VR experience. We were pairing with a partner in our class doing the user testing. The experience begins with a welcome page and a question shows up on the screen asking the user “What you would like to drink?” as a welcome drink. There are three choices, hot tea, milk and gin tonic and the user can chose by clicking a button. When the user picks one of those; the drink will fall from the sky into the user hand in the screen with some effect for example tea leaves will fall from the sky when picking hot tea. Then the user appears in the gallery room surrounded by all the works of the artist, the real-time information about artist shows up. When the user step closer to the work the information of the work will pop up to explain more about each project.

The first time, It went fine, I didn’t  find any bugs in the first testing. But for the second time, Prof. came and be the tester, I was guiding her through the testing and found out that I gave too many clues and that is the reason why the first testing went fine and I couldn’t find any bugs. We did the third testing showing to all our classmates, Maria, a friend came to be a tester. This time I didn’t tell her anything and she took a while trying to figure out each steps.

Hypothesis: The small interaction and welcoming experience will make the user more engaging to all the experience.

Result: The welcoming experience works really well, but the part that the user have to step close to the work and the information will pop up. There is a bug because the user don’t know that when they walk closer to the work the information will pop up. Instead the user just stand and not moving anywhere.

Suggestion:  Make the user know that when they come closer the info will pop up. It can be a symbol which is moving or text like “Hit me to read me” or a big red button that the user can step on.


Recap Idea: The VR Gallery to showcase works for an event and the equipment will be prepare.

Media to Present: GIF animation presenting short scene of the experiences with description






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