[Prototype]Emoji Diary app-Sue Lee


I’m creating a prototype of a diary app where people can quickly and easily record events happened in their lives.

First Session

paper proto1paper proto2paper proto3paper proto4

I created a paper prototype, that shows basic idea for interfaces, and how the function will displayed through the app.

I want my app to be more visual based than text, and I will use emoji as a main visual element. Which is easy to insert, and has enough different variation to create a story with just emoji sets.

There will be a widget in the home screen, that will make writing emoji entries easy and quick, because sometimes opening the app and writing something might even be a too much process when people is busy.

For the user testing session, I was expecting somewhere between proof of concept and user experience testing. Because it was hard to conduct user-experience testing with just a paper prototype, it ended up being a proof of concept test, and it definitely helped me a lot.

After first user experience test, because I focused more on proof of concept test, I learned about some crucial factors about creating an app, especially in commercial aspect.

I learned that I have to consider who will be the user of this application. Since this app is about diary, where the only purpose of this app is recording the life, therefore, there will be people who likes to write diary or keep track of their life, while there are people who doesn’t have any interest in it. I tried to think of adding some features that would make people to use it even when they don’t have any interest in writing diary, and I still haven’t come up with any idea yet. However, at the same time, since it is a diary app, it is not bad to solely focus on it’s main purpose. I also received helpful and positive feedback. Testers liked the idea of using widget, and one of the tester suggested that even my app could be used as a therapeutic purpose or for mental care, which was really interesting for me.   


Second session

One sentence description: The easy, simple and quick visual diary that lets you to record your life moments with emojis.

For the second prototype, I created a basic design interfaces for my app. The user test I conducted was more about design,

I asked questions focusing more on design aspects, such as their opinion on interface, fonts and color choices. Most of the feedback was rather positive, and the tester really liked the idea of showing monthly emoji use by the hieratic scale infographic. Because it was a new tester, the user test started as a design focus, but also became another proof of concept test in some aspect. Tester also liked the idea of using emoji and said the interface fits well with the idea of the app, and said she is definitely willing to use the app.

For next week I will keep adding pages to make prototype more complete, and start putting them into principle to make it usable.

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