[Prototype] Xiaoxue Ma(Wanda)

This interactive app “trash eater” is designed for people who want to develop a habit of garbage or people who are into simulation games.

Homepage for this app is a little monster’s home, it is the trash eater. After click on the button “feed”, it will go to next page to select which kind of recyclable trash the user throw away or collect (trash classification). Then icons of different trash will fall from the top of the phone interface, the little monster will eat it and grow bigger.

To make sure the user really did trash classification, this app only allows users to feed the monster 5 times a day. If the user wants to keep on recording trash he/she classified after feeding the monster 5 times he/she can do it but there won’t be rewarded for it. Also, classified trash will turn in to gold coin in-app, users can use the gold coin to buy furniture for the monster. In case to attract user keeps on using the app, there will be rewards for users like: “Achievement: 100 bottles recycled”.

My users are basically just taping and swiping in the app, all type of trash will show by icons.


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