[Prototype]-Week 6- Sabrina Jiang

After talking to a new person about my prototype it really helped me think more about the little details that will help make a difference with my app.  Things such as how an outfit display will come up, whether it be with a click of a button or just from scrolling are things that will make a difference in the long term.

Another detail I didn’t put much thought into was… socks.  I just jumped to the conclusion that one would at least be able to figure out whether it was appropriate to wear socks or closed toed shoes for outside but it’s still a detail that I think is important to incorporate into my app.

I think if my app were to become a real thing it would really help people dress more appropriately for the weather, or at least help me.  I feel like over dressing because I’m scared I’ll get too chilly is a probably I always run into especially with the fickle weather outside nowadays.  Although it obviously isn’t too big of a problem it’s just an inconvenience that can be easily resolved with the help of an app like mine.

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