[Prototype] Interactive Web – Zixin Yula Ye

After creating a prototype to test out my interactive web last week, the result didn’t meet my expectations. My question this week is to make my web interact more with the user. To achieve this goal, I stepped back from my prototype and did research about some successful interactive web.

Here are some web that interact with user in ways that I think are interesting.

With this research, I found all these web contains some kinds of motion or movement that attract users’ attention and communicate with user vividly. Therefore I thought I might also add some motion elements into my blank prototype to simply make it MOVE!

With further idea developing, my solution settled with a answer to add a motion graphic into my web that be able to transfer the idea of who I am. I have a picture in my mind that maybe I can model a head based on myself, like a 3D cartoon version of me, then make it spinning 360 degree in my homepage. The format I chose to create this 3D head model is Cinema 4D, which is a challenge that I never used it before. I watched many tutorials on how to sculpting and painting in C4D. I am still in the creating process and continuing meet technical difficulties. This image shows my process so far.屏幕快照 2018-03-01 下午2.39.33.png


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