Interactive Prototype- Week 3


Chao pushed us to make a proof of concept or method test to see the feasibility as well as make a pitch promoting our prototype in one sentence.  We did a user testing session to get feedback from a potential user.

We further had to create a vision and mission statement regarding the future of our prototype.

The following are the questions which I asked for my user testing based on the prototype;

  1. Would you use my interactive website?
  2. what do you think I need to add?
  3. Do you like the idea of a “behind the scenes” page with videos from photoshoots
  4. Is my font legible?
    The user tester said that they liked my website and would use it, they told me to add a sign up or ‘request to model’ contact page to make the website more user friendly and immersive. They liked the idea of a behind the scenes page and found my font legible.
    An issue they had was with the scrolling function on the home page which shows the latest photos. Further links were broken which needed pages linked back.


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