[Interactive Project 2.0 Hiii Museum]

My initial interactive project was “Foot Print Interactive project”, a project which stimulates people to think why did they choose to stand on the foot-print which obviously facing nowhere. I tried to discover and understand what draws the audience to stand on the footprint?Habitual Recognition of Sign? Habitual Recognition of Sign? Expectation? Or something else? However, the circumstance of making the prototype was below the expectation, Then I decided to make it into an app called Hiii Museum.

This is an App which allows users to discover the museum  and exhibitions by themselves. And the “footprint project” is like a little interesting bonus inside the app. Users can view the museum, if they are interested in the footprint and click it, there will be questions asking why they chose to come here.

( This project already failed since it cant achive my initial goal, but I still wanna finish it)




iPhone 8iPhone 8 CopyiPhone 8 Copy 2iPhone 8 Copy 3

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