[Prototype] Working on Paper, Working Digitally

As a direct result of my Prototype being something that could potentially become resolved within the Prototyping tools alone, I wanted to map out as much of the project as possible as quickly as possible.

That being said, I had decided to complete the project within sketch right from the get-go, with no physical prototyping involved. Though I had completed potential prototypes for other potential applications, I found myself completely uninterested since the final product was not much of a final product (personal bias, of course).

Going directly to sketch was beneficial for lying out exactly how I wanted the website to operate within its most basic functions. All pages were clear in content, and the methods of navigating to each page were simple and effective, mostly thanks to the fact that the site, at the time, was so two dimensional.

However, paper prototyping revealed the incredibly limited nature of what I was making. I saw myself capable of fitting everything I wanted to say on a single page, and the gravity of how limited my project was became all too real.

This was the turning point in my project. Being able to see that though my work was functional enough was nice, but working on paper allowed me to pull out not only smaller discrepancies that arose during user testing (such as legends or page counters), but larger flaws that plagued my project as a whole.

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