[Prototype] Revamping my Portfolio V2 – Noah Semus

This week, I decided to move away from the barebones prototype of last week. The previous prototype helped with the landing page idea, as it told me whether or not it would be successful. From the user testing, I would say the landing page is indeed successful. This week, however, I’ve moved more into visual and user flow design.

When one leaves the landing page, I’ve designed what the rest of the website looks like. I used a simplistic colour palette, with only green and white, as to keep a unified aesthetic. Since this is a portfolio site, I feel using too many colours could be overwhelming and not quite as memorable. In terms of user flow, I once again tried to keep it simple. The site is navigated through shapes and arrows. All the projects are within shapes and scrolling is indicated through arrows. The shapes concept could be ambiguous, but I intend to add hover states that will reveal the project behind the shape.



After last week’s user testing, it seemed fitting to move into a full on interactive prototype. I got good feedback about the user flow of the site and its ambiguity, and attempted to make it slightly more obvious as to how to navigate. I took away the shapes and made the cards and my name the main navigational functions.

I took to webflow to try and build not only a functional prototype, but also a functional website. I am still yet to add the landing page from the first week, as I’m still not completely sure of its viability. I’m hoping this week to make sure the navigation and animations are still strong.


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