[Prototype]- Interactive Creative App – V2-Reminder-Jessie WangZ

(Update user experiences about the app “Reminder”)

I did the user experience for my app Reminder, user said it is good and useful. Some icons have to be clearer. The decoration design of “Plan” and “Diary” can be considered to change.

(This is my New post of the Interactive creative app)

My interactive app’s name is Reminder. It combines daily plans and diaries together.

The first part is the schedule of a day. Users can set alarm clocks for each schedules so that they will not forget it or miss out their plans. In this part, users can set up the time and alarm first. Then write the keywords or the issues, such as MOVIE and LUNCH TIME. The users also can write more details and informations about the issues when they pick the ENTER button.For example, they can add the location of the cinema; the movie they gonna to watch; the person that they will go together.

The Second part is the diaries of a day. It has three kind of diaries types that users can choose by their preference. The first one is video diary. It is for the people who love to use video to record their lives and thoughts. also, some people might feel really tired because of the works. So, when they want to write a diary, they can choose the video diary which they do not need to type the screen keyboard. The second type is text diary. This is the commonest kind of diaries. Users also can add less than three pictures on the text diary. The last but not the lease, is the drawing diary. It more works for kids because they might can not write to many words. Drawing is a good and interesting way for children and the users who loves drawing to record their lives. No matter users choose which way to do their daily diary, at the end they will give the starts for the day. Happiest is five starts, saddest is zero. So, every week users can see the statistics of their mood.

This app does not have any sharing function. It is private and personal. User will have their own account which only they can see and edit their records.

I also did some research about the scheduling apps and diary apps. Many users left some similar comments and experiences. They want clear, simply, and comfortable interfaces; easy to use and do not want many unnecessary functions.

1. Bear – (for writing / diary)

2. Block Diary

3. Timepage – (for planning / scheduling)

4. My Week

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