[Prototype] 2nd Visual Prototype of Interactive Project – Mai Saito

My Untitled App is a multi-screen game that allows users to connect with other iPhones.

My goal is to encourage people to come together instead of being stuck in their own bubble. The screens will be interactive and responsive to one another, creating a fun and engaging experience.

This week, I decided to further my concept with a visual and user experience prototype. Though everything is final, this is the look and feel that I hope to have in my final prototype. (The geometric pattern is a stock image for now, but will be made by me later on in the process.)

The Launch Screen (Left) will have an animated logo of sorts that will then transition to the Landing Screen (Middle). The user will be able to choose how many players and also access “help” and “settings”. Once the number of players is chosen, the Placement Screen will appear showing individual users where to place their device onto the surface (Right).

Once the phones are placed in the correct order, a Calibrating Screen will appear to make sure the screens are in the correct order and that responsiveness between screens are accurate. A pattern will mesh the four screens together and the players will go through a short exercise to of flinging symbols to other screens to make sure things are running smoothly.

Gameplay: This is still in its drafting stage, but I created these simple symbols that would be floating around all the screens.

My concept for now is that a black, grey, and white cube need to be grouped to be able to leave your screen. The goal for each player is to lose as many items in their screen as possible. Once items are grouped, the symbols can be dragged  into other player’s screens.If too many items are on an individual screen, the player will lose.

When a player loses in the middle of gameplay the Left screen will appear while the others continue their game. Once everyone has lost except for one winner the middle and last screen will appear accordingly.

The players will all then return to home to start again.

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