[Prototype] Building a Portfolio Site

The process of building a personal website is one that, specifically in sketch, poses an interesting question – does this need to be a prototype at all?

In fact, sketch provides the user with most of the tools involved in creating a satisfying, interesting experience for the observer to peruse through their work and find any necessary contact information.

Thus, I decided that I would maintain the text box motif from my prior prototype and create a website that would allow for me to present my works in an attractive, uniform manner. This entailed creating my own symbols for use within the website in order to define the varied categories

However, from my last build, there was still a storytelling aspect I wanted to preserve. To have a separate web comic within the portfolio website would breathe additional life into the project, making a site that would typically be a dead port to other works of my own into a unique, functional piece.

I plan on continuing this concept on paper as well as within sketch to see how well these two concepts blend.Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 8.48.42 PM

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