[Prototype] 1st Paper Prototype and User Testing of Interactive Multi-Screen App – Mai Saito

Technically, apps are supposed to bring people together—connecting users with other users. (ie. social media, apps, etc.) A lot of the times, tech doesn’t allow us to do that, so I thought of a design that would force people to use their devices in conjunction with others. The result: a multi-screen game that can only be used together.


iPhone X’s seemed like the easiest approach since the screen covers the whole front side of the phone and wouldn’t disrupt the continuation of whatever image I decide to show.

In terms of responsiveness, I thought about how the app would react when the phones weren’t together (in some kind of sleep or screensaver mode), and what would happen to the other screens if one screen was tapped/touched.


For last week, I created a very simple paper prototype that would test whether a multi screen app would even work or be instinctual for users. As it is a proof-of-concept prototype, I drew out a couple of iPhone screens and a very simple path game to see if the user would react well or if they would realize that touching/tapping one screen would effect the others.


In user testing, I realized that when iPhones are aligned together in certain ways, it lets the user know when they connect and when they don’t. This led me to further questions about the placement of the screens and how users will know where to place their devices to make the game work.

For this week’s prototype, I hope to further explore these questions and to create a visual prototype for user testing.

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