[Prototype] Interactive Game – Jooyoung Park

For my prototype, I want to create a text-based/choose-your-own-adventure game with various options to obtain an emotional reaction from the user. Various moral dilemmas will arise and become more difficult as the story progresses, and the interactive game will allow people to learn more about themselves and their morals in theoretical yet realistic scenarios.

I think this would be fun concept to explore since I’m really interested in user experience and human-centered design.


I was inspired by games such as Lifeline and Device6. I focused on learning more about the user interface and how it influences the user experience, since the user experience is a crucial part to interactive games. The interface is fairly simple and doesn’t distract too much from the story.

[First Testing Session]

IMG_5555.JPG  IMG_5559.JPG

I brought in a paper prototype that consisted of a few moral dilemmas with various decisions, but the prototype only followed one path. Because of this, the user was following a story with no control of what was happening. From the testing session, I learned:

  • The concept/story is fun and kept the user interested
  • User experience is crucial to the game (to obtain an emotional reaction from the user, they are the ones that need to make the decisions and face their consequences to their actions)
  • The story is also crucial to the game

For this week, I wanted to focus on developing the story and creating multiple options for the user to choose. I made the prototype using Twine to really focus on making options and the story before the interface, design, etc.

The process was painful because I have to focus on how each situation creates a consequence and influences other situations in the future (non-linear).

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 2.53.36 PM.png

Next week, I’ll probably create all the options in Twine (to look at as a visual reference) and hopefully have some pages in Sketch.

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