[Prototype] MVMT Catalogue – V2 – Nicholas Lucaccioni

During the previous class, students were paired up to conduct user testing of their prototype apps. During the testing of my catalogue app I asked the following questions:

  1. Is it clear what the suggestions are?
  2. What, if any, other functions or content do you wish the app had?
  3. Can you find the black watch with a red second hand?
  4. Is the app easy to navigate with a good user flow?
  5. Does the minimalist design approach help or hinder the user experience?

Following testing, I learned a lot about my prototype. My user very much appreciated the minimal design approach and overall look of the app. However, I learned the main product page that listed all of the watches was very clunky and too busy. My user suggested larger product images on this page and to not include the price. My user also recommended that I add a zoom function for specific watches on their respective product pages.

As a result, I redesigned the main page to no longer be a list but a series of almost square cards that allowed for larger product images. I also added a full size view for each respective watch that can be accessed by pressing the image on their respective product pages.

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