[Prototype] Music App Version 2 – Peggie Liew

Last week, we did the user testing in pairs. The objective of this testing was to let the tester figure out how to maneuver through the app without any hints on how to do so. Once the classmate was able to figure out how to use the app, several questions were asked:

  1. Is the purpose of the app clear?
  2. Should the color of the app be changed?
  3. Would you rather have the artists’ names simply listed or would visuals be much more preferable?
  4. Would having album covers be better than just a list of songs?
  5. What confused you when you were using the app?

The tester stated that the color that was used for the app was rather distracting as it was a bright purple background. Having pictures on top of that bright purple background can be rather too much as there would be too much going on. He also mentioned how the arrow transitions are confusing since they required him to slide left rather than to tap. He also mentioned that the spacing between the photos were rather awkward. The tester preferred to have visuals of the artists rather than a list of their names, mentioning how some people can remember people’s faces but cannot remember their names. For albums, however, he would much rather have all the songs listed as it is much more easier to find them.

Using this feedback and suggestions, I changed the color scheme of the app to black and white since both are less distracting. I also fixed the spacing between the pictures. I replaced the list of artists with pictures of them in order to easily identify them. The transitions were made to be very simple by having the user just tap the icons/pictures.

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