[Prototype] Kid-friendly Pixar App- Version 2- Susanna Back

For this assignment, I wanted to create an interactive/kid-friendly app that allows children to find more information about their favorite Pixar movies. Whether it is to know the characters names, as trivia, or to simply purchase the DVD, the flow of the app is very easy to understand and to navigate.

Last week in class, we were put into pairs and began the user testing process. During the process we tested our partners prototype through Principal. After the testing process was an indirect Q & A process to garner a understanding of how well the app was coming across.

Some questions listed were:

  1. Is it easy to use and understand? Is it kid-friendly?
  2. Is it too simple?
  3. Should there be more information?
  4. Would having a home screen make a difference?
  5. How is the user flow?

From this testing process, I learned that my prototype was unclear in the aspect of how to go back to the menu screen because there was no button or text to indicate the action. Because the app was targeted towards children, the simplicity aspect was working in its favor. However, the user flow was not as fluid and as understandable. From the constructive feedback, I went back into Sketch and Principal to edit my prototype. I added arrow symbols on each artboard to indicate a proper way back to the screen previous or to the home screen. More informational aspects were added to aid to movie informations, such as a movie description when a certain icon was clicked.

Artboard Screenshots:

Principal Screenshots: (addition of home screen and informational screens)

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 4.52.07 PMScreen Shot 2018-02-18 at 4.51.59 PM

Prototype Video:

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