[Prototype] Interactive Game-Maria Useche

At first for this assignment I wanted to create something that would break away the user form their usual routine and make them enjoy their commute more. Due to recent events I decided to design an interactive screen letting the user interact with the violence they are to blame for when they don’t vote for gun control laws.

This is just one example of an injustice and ridiculous stunt to demonstrate to the government some change have to be made. I hope to further develop the idea both conceptually and technically so the viewer doesn’t realize who their target was until after.


bus sign gun.jpg

Back to the drawing board.

After user testing, I understood the delivery was too impactful and had to be diluted in order to be approachable by the viewer. I still wanted to keep the impactful final screen, but I explored different approaches of getting to this final outcome. Ultimately I’d like to include statistics. This page has a good example in what direction I want to take this.


  1. Immersive video, screen by screen action of what it was to be there that day.


2. Interactive screen game that gets more difficult as you get to the end. “DODGE BLOBS”

Final Screen: While you were dodging blobs your kids might have been dodging bullets.


Visual Design Prototype

After a second round of user testing I concluded the best approach was a subtle interactive game that allowed the user to experience the statistics without being overwhelmed with emotion until the end. The game creates difficult to navigate blobs using the statistics found. 2016 is the most difficult level with 384 blobs= 384 mass shootings. If the player hits a blob the screen reveals the statistics.

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