[Interactive Prototype Concept] – Susanna Back

Prototype name TBD (to be determined)

My ideation for the interactive project is to create a type of app platform that allows users to interact with others from around the world. The idea sprouted from a saying I was often told as a child, “We are all under the same sky.” The concept of this app will be to connect with people through sharing pictures of the sky- more specifically the clouds that inhibit and are constantly in passing. This is an outlet to allow for creative/noncreative individuals to share their ideas and thoughts through the sharing process by drawing on top of the given cloud image of the day. Users are not limited in creativity and can utilize the different marking/art tools.

The ultimate goal is to garner an understanding of how users create and think/perceive the same image through #hashtags. In cases of inappropriate content, users will be flagged and temporarily blocked through the app being cloudy/foggy inhibiting the user for a short amount of time because storms always pass.  At the end of the day, users will be able to see #hashtags through a list. Everyday there will be a different cloud(s) from around the world uploaded and users will also have the option to upload pictures, as well, for random draw in the coming days.

Paper Process:

FullSizeRender 26

FullSizeRender 25


Screen Prototype:



Location: Australia

Creator Interpretation: #mermaid  !!!

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