[Ideation+Prototype] App for Indecisive People – Youmin Park

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 12.41.19 AM

For the new app ideation, I decided to create an app that make decisions for indecisive people. Because I am also very indecisive person and I have a lot of friends who are, I always get stressed making small decisions such as choosing what to eat or what to wear. So I always wanted to make app that make decision for me.

The app gives 4 options to make decisions of: Food, Song, What to do, and Clothing. Users can choose the option they want to the app to make decision. For example, if user chose food, the app will ask very simple question such as how is the user feeling today. Because complicated question can make indecisive person more confused, the questions will be very light and simple. If the user choose stressed, the app will recommend food that reduces stress. If the user choose happy, the app will recommend food that enhances the happy feeling.

I want to further develop my app putting more contents like telling user why the app recommended. For example, the app can tell user that it recommended spicy chicken for them because the scientist figured out the spicy food is good for reducing stress. Also, I need recommendation of the color choice from others if the color red fits good with decision making app.

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