[Ideation] Interactive App- Sukyung Yoo

My ideation for the interactive application is to create an app that users can easily experience and share their own ideas or things. This idea is started from social media like Instagram. To be specific, my idea is a creating a travel app which can guide you wherever you go. The main concept of this app is a communicating with people through sharing and experiencing their recommendation. In this app, users can register their location, and start to find the best place by seeing other user’s recommendation. Also, there will be several different categories like food, shopping, and attractions… The ultimate goal is to make users also engaged in this app by adding their own path for new users.


Research: ( travel app)

스크린샷 2018-02-19 오후 1.45.36.png

sketch for idea:

스크린샷 2018-02-18 오후 6.16.49.png

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