[Class Materials] Week 5 Personal Project Prototype 1 & After Effects Intro

After learning prototype and user testing methods and practicing them with the assigned tasks, students are ready to utilized the skills to build their own non-linear art or design projects. See students ideas here. From this week on we’ll enter the cycle of prototyping and user testing for 5 weeks. There will be considerable focus on peer to peer critique.

In these 5 weeks, students are expected to produce an interactive project proposal that includes visual representations and demos with the suggested tools Sketch, After Effects and C4D. They are encouraged to brainstorm despite the possible limitations of their technical skills. Students will focus on the experience and interaction design.

In-Class Activity

Students identified the pain point, the assumption and the possible issue of their personal project then built a prototype with specific goals in mind. Students conducted several rounds of user testings using the prototype. The next prototype will be produced based on the results and will be ready to be tested again in class next week.


Technical Practice – After Effects Intro

After Effects’ strength and limits as a video compositing tool:

    • 1. AE can be used to create, composite, and stylize 2D footage layers in 3D space; to create 2d characters and motion graphics; to animate titles for a film or to mock up screen display of digital products and more.
      It’s great because of its built-in effects, After Effects template, Scripts, the ability to bring assets together(Compositing)
      3. Plugins: Plugins are available to extend AE’s functionality.
      4. AE isn’t a great software for editing audio, video(It’s easy to pair Premier or Final Cut Pro with it) and 3D Modeling.
  • Software interface
  • Basic document set up 

Tutorial of the same practice we did in class for the intro.



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