Prototype for Ideation

My ideation for an interactive project is to cross the physical boundaries of clothing, making it more than just a barrier but a way to communicate. If I could make any product, I would make a teeshirt that would respond to touch with color. Color not only provokes an emotional response but represents feeling. A system of sensors would be embedded in the tee shirt (could be double lined tee shirt or single lined). At the end of specific sensors would be fiber LED lights that can be sewn into the lining of the shirt. When specific sensors of the shirt are touched, the shirt would “glow” a corresponding color for five seconds, imitating a feeling that we experience when being touched in different areas. For example, the upper back sensor would glow purple to reference the characteristics of a hug- strength and comfort. The stomach sensor would glow green to reference wholeness and health when touched. In my prototype sketches, I included what locations of color on the shirt, and what each color references.

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