[Ideation]UsedBooks Market-Xiaoyu Wang

It is always difficult for students to sell their used text books online because the shipping expenses are usually too expensive. I’m interested in making an app for students within the same school to sell or buy books in a easy way. In this app, students are able to choose schools. For students who want to sell books, they can choose schools and classes. Then, they need to select the books they want to sell and upload actual pictures of the books and decription of the condition of the books. The last step they need to do is to set a price. For students who wants to buy books, they can go to the classes they are taking and find used books sellers. Then, buyers need to schedule the pick up date with sellers. Once the date is settled, buyers need to pay the whole price to the APP(such as PAYPAL in Ebay or Alipay in Taobao). The APP will hold the money until buyers confirm that they get the books.

By using this app, students are able to get the books for classes faster. They also can sell their used books easier.

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