[Class Materials] Week 4 User Testing & creating live website using Sketch+Launchpad


After learning about how and when to use prototype, we focused on user testing this week. We talked about the differences between the desk test and formal testing sessions and the preparations for a successful user testing. Slides by Brad MacDonald

In-Class Activity

Students used their digital visual prototype they created in Sketch and Principle to conduct a user testing with their peers. Students listed out 5 questions they would like to answer about the project then wrote scripts or designed contexts that would help getting responses from the user. They will make another iteration of this prototype based on the testing results.

Students started to brainstorm their personal project ideas and were asked to produce a prototype using the knowledge they gained from the class activities and will have it tested in next week’s class.

Technical Practice – Sketch Plug-ins by Anima

We practiced using the Sketch plug-in Launchpad by Anima to create a live static website without coding. We embedded youtube videos, applied hover effects to objects, and created connections between pages(Artboards in Sketch file). We used snippet code while embedding youtube video to the website therefore we got to practice reading code to understand the relationships between the representations and the code. Students have obvious enthusiasm and curiosity for programming which was very exciting. Auto Layout, another powerful plug-in by Anima was introduced to show how it makes  creating responsive design efficient.

Since this was the last week of the Sketch sessions, we ended the class with discussions about the limitations and benefits using each tool: Sketch, Invision, Principle and Launchpad. Students are expected to be able to choose the right tool(s) to prototype or to produce their future projects.

Click here for the slides we used for this week.




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