[Prototype] MVTM Watch Catalogue – Nicholas Lucaccioni


My original idea, shown in the paper prototype in the upper right, was to have a list of products that when you selected one product, the items that followed would move down and reveal another tab with specific product information. However, I quickly realized that I was unable to prototype this animation and had to change ideas.

I chose to combine the original list idea with the product page from another paper prototype, shown in the bottom right. As a result, the final prototype features a list that when an item is clicked, brings up that products page that includes various information as well as four suggestions for other products.

And yes, every single item is clickable, both on the list and on each page for the suggestions. Here is the user flow animation chart from principle in case some evidence is needed.

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 11.57.57 PM.png

Side note: Who cares about actually buying the product. You can’t buy time so of course you can’t buy these watches.

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