[Prototype] Mood, mental controlling App- Sukyung Yoo

The mood is a mental controlling app that helps users to know their feelings and release their stress in daily life. This app is totally private application that users can keep their secret.

Firstly I made paper prototyping for a test. I sketched out a long interface that every process can be connected. After I made them, I did simple user test for my friends. I found out that users liked the idea of this app, but there are limitations selections in this app. For instance, there are a very wide range of emotions and feelings and even if people who feel same moods, they want different solutions for them. So I tried to expand selections and solutions parts for users.


The first page has the title to introduce the users to the app, and the next step is log in section. There is a specific method to analyze user’s mood through the diary sections. There are four main categories of the emotions with symbols which includes various adjectives words expressing emotions. If the audience clicks the emotions which are mostly matched with them, it provides them a list of the song which can help them to control their mood. Also, I add more options for users like games, videos, and singing functions by applying the comments from the users, and songs for each of the mood has a wide range of the theme. I add more “skip”, “done”, and “more” button for the user to give opportunities to decide themselves.

Here is a preview of Mood’s user flow on Principle:

스크린샷 2018-02-10 오후 5.39.51


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