[Prototype] iWanna Be Friends With an Animal

During class in week 3, we delved into the process of creating paper prototypes for an app. We were prompted to design 5 prototypes for an app that had an initial screen of options, a way to get more information on each option, and a way to get suggestions for each option.


For me, the most teaching aspect of designing these paper prototypes was the physicality of the process. The biggest challenge was designing these prototypes so that transitioning between different pieces of information was self explanatory. Translating actions like swiping or clicking an iphone screen to flipping pieces of paper took a lot of logical reasoning (and tearing/folding paper), and this process helped me better understand the logistics of how and why different physical actions (clicking/swiping/scrolling) are assigned to finding certain pieces of information.IMG_0647

I applied ideas present in my paper prototypes to a digital prototype for an app for animal lovers who are looking for pets. The app is designed so that you can select a category of animal (mammal, reptile, etc.), and further select an option from one of those categories (if mammal is selected, the options would be cat, dog, etc. with each screen containing corresponding information on that animal as a pet), and even further select breeds of those animals, which links you to a reputable source to actually purchase these animals. An additional option is included to swipe on a specific animal category to find what kinds of products you may need to handle these pets.

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 2.05.28 PM

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