[Ideation] App Album and Biophilia

Music is my favorite thing; most of myfree time is spent listening to or recording music. I am interested in making an interactive project intended to accompany an album I put together with a rapper from East New York.

This idea was inspired by the Icelandic singer Bjork’s seventh studio album “Biophilia.” The album was accompanied by a ‘mother app’, consisting of 10 separate apps: one for each song. Each app includes a game, an animation of its corresponding song, an essay about each song, and a karaoke machine. “Biophilia” tackles themes surrounding the connections between humanity, nature & technology, which makes it very conducive to being accompanied by a technological application.

Biophilia “mother app” menu:


The album that I put together with my friend is primarily about corruption in America, and how powerful Republicans and Democrats work to achieve the same goals (money and power) by dividing the American population and manipulating them into believing that either side genuinely cares about the people they govern.

Most of the album’s lyrics reference historical events or conspiracy theories, and my idea for this app would be to link each lyric with corresponding information on what it references. This is similar to the app and website ‘Rap Genius,’ which allows users to provide explanations for song lyrics. This hypothetical app album would be different from Rap Genius in that each lyric description would be specifically curated for the app (not made up by random users) in both aesthetic and content. Additionally, the app would need to include some type of politically-charged arcade game option, which allows you to play as the album’s artist as he saves the world from the Illuminati and the album plays in the background.

Essentially, the app would serve as an alternative history lesson focusing on the atrocities committed by the American government, as well as a comical arcade game and album promotion.

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