[Prototype] – Online Store App

My digital prototype is an online store called “Schmaltz.” The word schmaltz means excessive sentiment, and the app consists of toys and other items that provoke feelings of nostalgia. The layout of the app is similar to Instagram, where there is a home page that has all of the products.


There is an option to “like” products and check back on them later. Based on the products you like, different recommendations appear on the Explore page.

I am still trying to figure out how to make the transitions for the app. I want the user to be able to scroll up and down the pages, swipe left and right to be able to switch tabs, and also press and hold on a product to see more details.





For my paper prototype, I struggled with making it interactive. I wasn’t sure how to draw out everything that I wanted to do or make it easily readable for other people.

In the end, I added a few interactive elements, but most of my paper prototype was just drawn out. I wrote little notes next to the sketches so it would make more sense to someone else. My partner responded best to the third prototype I drew out, which is why I chose that layout for my digital prototype.

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