[Prototype] – Loving Arial, Living Failure, and Confessing Your Rates in a Roundabout Manner

I think I need to break it to you – to the people, to the board, the high committee – what have you.

I hate sketch.

It’s a fine program, yes, but I think it’s an elaborate tool that potentially adds an extra step that is potentially unnecessary. I say this because, with the abilities of the program and its extensions, in mind, my initial observations lead me to believe that this goes nowhere.

This is a program that can produce dead ends very fast, at least for my production process. It’s given me headaches, despite the program feeling immensely ergonomic – I feel like a child learning how to play a toy piano and inevitably failing.

And so, I embrace the failure, and raise you this – a completely flat application that utilizes none of my physical paper prototypes (despite my love for them) – and does exactly what it says it does and nothing more.

I hope I can open my currently half-closed mind and figure out Sketch to the core, but until then, I will remain satisfied with a lack of interest, a visual disagreement, a nice way of telling you how expensive I am – along with whatever else I was feeling, at least at the moment.

If I were to extend the project, I’d likely make it into a long running, and commonly updated series of text boxes. Like a comic strip. But less interesting? Huh.


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