[Prototype]- Bag Up – Ashna Kapadia



About Bag up

Bag up is a shopping app for bags. It is centered around a quiz which helps determine what kind of bag the user needs. It uses criterion such as color, material, type of bag and use of bag (used for school/work purpose vs day out). Once the user finishes a quiz a suitable bag is calculated for the user. The user can add the bag to their wish list which can be seen in the drop down menu. The user can also find more details such as price and company by clicking on the arrow on the left. The user is further suggested products which fit the similar criterion of the needs of the user (i.e. similar color, type of bag, material etc) this page is the recommended page and more bags can be seen at this page. To find out about a particular bag on this page, the user has to click on the product and it will show a page which informs the user about the details of the product such as price etc. The user is then directed back to the first page. The drop down menu allows the user to also browse a wider range of bags not necessarily to the user wants. The user can further access their wish list to see the bags shortlisted as well as the cart to finally buy the product. The settings page allows for adjustability of light and language.

This project was very engaging for me and I really started to understand more of the user interflow which goes behind an app, even an app which looks very simple requires a lot of thought. It helped me combine design and functionality in a playful and fun way and I enjoyed making the dropdown menu which slides diagonally and the animation of the bags on the first page.

paper prototypes



The paper prototyping helped a lot in the initial ideation phase. Given a time limit and a brief helps us come up with interesting and unique ideas which if we were given more time may have not flourished as well. It helped plan  interesting designs and the thought process behind the app. I had to think of an interesting way to engage the users as well as provide information which was relevant to the user.

User Testing- 

My classmates tries to test out my paper prototype, this was interesting as they had to figure out what my app was about without any input on my behalf.  It also helped me narrow down my ideas into a more streamlined and cohesive idea.



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