[Prototype] “Apples to Apples” Shopping App – Chungyee Cheng

Apples to Apples is a produce shopping mobile app that allows users to pull up product descriptions by tapping on the image. It also includes the function of customizing their browsing experience when they click the Pencil icon and simply X’ing items they are not interested in. The items that are taken out are replaced with other items that the system thinks you might be interested in. While this function is not the most ideal intuitively for produce shopping, I still did this as an experiment of an alternate “recommended products” function. In real life, I would not use this function since it became complicated when it came to having all these different, minor scenarios.

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For this paper prototyping exercise, I was focused on getting as many ideas out as possible in the approximately 20 minutes we were allotted. Although some ideas were reiterations of others with slight variations in format, I ended up coming up with something I have never seen before for my 5th idea, all with simple swipe and click motions. I decided to choose this one to explore and experiment with for my digital prototype.

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