[Ideation] Building my Skillset – Chungyee Cheng

  1. I would be interested in building a website (or mobile app) that doesn’t follow a very structured layout and incorporates a lot of moving elements and audio. I don’t have a particular purpose in mind for the website yet, but I am very interested in learning these tools for my future personal work.
  2. http://www.litebriteneon.com/
    This website for a neon lights company in Brooklyn is a really interesting interactive website that has a lot of moving elements to it. As the user continues to scroll down, different pages pop out.

    This website instructs the user to continue scrolling to progress through the different pages of the website. And the pages do not just appear one after the other, but they transition through the use of animation.

  3. My personal future plans involve opening my own online store, so learning how to build one in the class would be A+++. Also maybe learning the function where something moves or audio starts playing when you hover your cursor over it would be cool.



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